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Australian Shepherds are a way of life on the Laird farm. It is not uncommon to have 3 or 4 greeting you as you pull into the farm. We built our farm and take pride in breeding and showing both Australian Shepherds and Paint Horses. This is our hobby as my husband Mark and I both have full time jobs...Mark loves the farm and also is a full time salesman for over 35 years...I am a vet technician having worked with animals for over 20 years outside the farm.

We have raised all our children here and it has been a very rewarding experience teaching them respect and admiration for all animals.. Now we are having grandkids and they love it here too. Our motto is everyone here has to get along..because we spend so much time together..All our animals live together and have an understanding of each other.

Australian Shepherds are a gentle intelligent breed and always willing to please..I encourage our clients to train there new pups from the ground floor...socialization is a very important part. Understand that this breed is a herding breed and they do require a job, it can be as simple as getting a ball to play or herding a horse to the barn. They are versatile and love to just be beside you.. Having owned this breed for a long time I often think they are human like in there thought process...Just incredibly intellengent.

My suggestion to anyone looking to purchase an Australian Shepherd is to research the breed. Talk to others who have them and make sure they are right for you. I am available to answer questions and would love to help you make your decision on purchasing this lovely breed of dog.

Our yearly get-together of Aussie Shepherd Owners.

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